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Based in Newport, South Wales based AR Digital help organisations stay connected with their customers and suppliers with modern, cost-effective and reliable telecoms throughout the UK reflecting business needs. With superior service and aftercare, AR Digital will deliver the most advanced technology to futureproof your business. 

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Business Telecoms

Investing in an effective phone system is essential for businesses because it provides reliable, consistent communication with customers, partners and suppliers. It also makes managing customer interactions easier, reducing wait times and boosting customer satisfaction. An effective phone system can also help increase employee productivity, streamline business processes, and improve customer service.  

Business telecoms also enable organisations to manage customer relationships, access remote information and conduct meetings in real-time. Business telecoms are essential for any organisation that wants to be successful as it ensures that communication between internal staff and external customers is reliable, secure, and efficient. AR Digital offers a range of business telecom services designed specifically for businesses. 

Businesses can utilise these services to ensure their communication needs are met, including voice calls, video conferencing, internet access, data transfer and storage and many more. Business telecoms can help businesses save money by reducing infrastructure costs and ensuring that all communications are secure and reliable. Business telecoms are a vital component of any organisation’s technology strategy and can significantly improve the efficiency of operations.

Hosted Phone System

Streamline your communication needs with an award-winning cloud system that explicitly supports business operations. Seamlessly unify all aspects of enterprise communications for reliable, secure performance and maximum productivity.

With our powerful business phone system, you can unlock the full potential of your voice communications. Our hosted service offers comprehensively fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, accessible through a streamlined web portal that makes it easy to customise how your organisation communicates.

Cloud-based business phone systems

A cloud telephone system uses cloud technology to provide communication services like voice calling, video conferencing and text messaging. Cloud telephone systems are essential as they allow businesses access to advanced communication services without installing and maintaining expensive equipment. 

A cloud system is cost-effective, secure, and highly scalable, allowing companies to add more users or features when needed. Additionally, cloud telephone systems provide many features that traditional systems do not, including integration with collaboration tools and automated attendant systems. They can be hosted on a public or private cloud, allowing organisations to choose the best solution for their needs. 

Companies are embracing the highly advanced capabilities of cloud-based telephony, replacing their outdated PBX systems with a hosted service designed to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Leased Lines

Businesses worldwide rely on a fast, secure internet connection to operate efficiently. Leased lines are designed just for that; they provide a dedicated fibre connection between two points and offer unparalleled security. Enjoy guaranteed speeds with no other networks sucking up your bandwidth, which is crucial if you handle large amounts of data, such as streaming video or audio content. 

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  • We strive to provide outstanding service. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial transaction with superior aftercare.
  • Our products are designed with cutting-edge technology and the latest developments in mind, so you know you’re getting an exceptional performance built to last.
  • With a rapid response time of 2.4 hours on average from ticket creation to completing an on-site visit, this speedy timeline helps us remain ahead of the curve regarding repair services and client expectations.
  • Our devices are equipped to deliver exceptionally fast speeds and contain the capacity to handle large loads daily.
  • Lease with confidence, knowing our flexible contracts are tailored to your unique needs, providing the perfect solution.

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Who is AR Digital?

Here at AR Digital, we have leading-edge technology, superior service, and unwavering aftercare that will help you equip your workspace with the most advanced equipment, from small printers to large multifunction photocopiers accompanied by print management software, document scanners, document management systems, scanning bureau services, managed IT services or business telecoms.

At AR Digital, we pride ourselves on meeting our clients face-to-face. Whether you’re based here in Newport, South Wales or across the country, call 01633 891261 to arrange an appointment and let’s meet up to discuss your requirements.

For any enquiries, feel free to email us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

What Our Customers Say…

Wyedean Testimonial Graphic

Wyedean School

“A fortuitous call out of the blue from AR Digital led us to view and ultimately purchase the Riso copier. It is now our Resource Centre workhorse. It just keeps churning out the photocopying as required and I honestly don’t know how the office staff would have coped without it. It has speeded everything up…

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Welsh Gymnastics Testimonial Graphic

Welsh Gymnastics

“The new photocopier is not only networked to all computers in the office but faster and more economic than our previous model and is now monitored remotely. In the past, if something ran out unexpectedly, such as a toner, we would have to wait for it to be delivered and would literally be on stop…

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Ford Testimonial Graphic

Bridgend Ford

AR Digital were able to supply a one-stop shop for all their printing solutions at Bridgend Ford

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Rougemont School Testimonial Graphic

Rougemont School

Rougemont School in Newport is an independent private school located in Newport, South Wales. A customer of AR Digital’s for many years, AR Digital have been supporting Rougemont School with their huge growth and changing requirements within the educational sector.

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Blackfords LLP Testimonial Graphic

Blackfords LLP

AR Digital were able to supply their printing solutions at Blackfords.

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Kidney Wales Testimonial Graphic

Kidney Wales

One of AR Digital’s longest-running clients, Kidney Wales is a Cardiff-based charity that has been running for over 50 years. Kidney Wales raises funds to support families and change the lives of those suffering with Kidney disease. Its objective is to promote strategies and services to prevent and treat kidney disease, and to help deliver…

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Axiom Testimonial Graphic


”Not only does out IT department now have total control over the costs and maintenance of our print services, but with AR Digital’s print management software installed on our network, there is a clear audit trail for us to follow.“

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