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Welsh Gymnastics

The Welsh Gymnastics team recently returned from a successful 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia with 2 well-earned silvers medals. Keeping the talented team in order is a busy administrative office in Cardiff. A recently installed Olivetti MF452 + multifunctional photocopier by Newport-based AR Digital has transformed the efficiency of the daily office function.  

Annette Brown, Head of Administration and Finance, Welsh Gymnastics, said, “We are an office of between 10-17 people at any one time. There are 9 different disciplines within Welsh Gymnastics and as you can imagine there are regular events and competitions taking place in support of each of these disciplines. Each event has a different programme booklet to be printed. It is, or was at least, a very labour intensive process.   

“The new photocopier is not only networked to all computers in the office but faster and more economic than our previous model and is now monitored remotely. In the past, if something ran out unexpectedly, such as a toner, we would have to wait for it to be delivered and would literally be on stop until it could be replaced. Toner levels and other consumables are now automatically monitored by AR Digital. This enables us to get on with our job without the added worry of anything running out half way through a print run. 

“The service we have received from AR Digital has been absolutely excellent and as a non-profit making governing body of sport, the costs savings achieved have been an added bonus to us.“  

Rick Porazinski, Managing Director, AR Digital, added, “Congratulations to the Welsh Gymnastics team on their success in Australia. We are proud to be involved with the organisation and only too happy to be able to offer a great product and service. We identified significant cost and efficiency savings for the governing body while at the same time removing any unnecessary stress from its office function through our remote management system.”