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When Craig Lloyd, Axiom’s IT Manager joined the company he and his team began investigating the IT systems to see where improvements could be made in workflow productivity and where costs could be reduced.

Craig, explains, “There was a mix of printers and multi-functional devices with different contracts in place from different suppliers. Many of the multi-functional devices were only set up to copy and scan, the print facilities were not in use and when we approached the current suppliers, we didn’t receive any help from them at all. We approached AR Digital for advice.”

After carrying out a quick and non-intrusive audit of Axiom’s print systems AR Digital could show the exact usage and costs of each of the current machines and demonstrated where money could be saved. It transpired the various A4 and A3 laser-jet printers installed in the Technical Engineering, Quality, Planning and Procurement departments were not only costing Axiom a lot of money, but the print quality was terrible.

AR Digital’s response was to install Olivetti d-Color MF454 models which offered great print quality and print management software linked directly to AR Digital’s back-office system. AR Digital’s print management system also monitors any issues remotely. Any faulty or potential problem is anticipated and the engineer can be dispatched to solve it before anyone at Axiom notices.

Rick Porazinski, AR Digital’s Managing Director, said, “Like Axiom, our focus is customer service. We will always make sure the customer has the right product for the right application. Our team integrates within Axiom’s activity to help not only understand what the machines are doing and why they are doing what they do, but also help them make informed judgments on the running of the business.“

Craig Lloyd, added, “Not only does out IT department now have total control over the costs and maintenance of our print services, but with AR Digital’s print management software installed on our network, there is a clear audit trail for us to follow.”