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AR Digital is an innovative South Wales business that offers business finance solutions enabling affordable investment in office equipment, IT and business telecoms and services, critical to the growth of any business. Procure the assets you need without disrupting your cashflow or traditional lines of credit.

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Leasing your Multifunction Photocopier, Printer, Scanner, IT Hardware, Business Telecoms or Software

Leasing is an arrangement in which a business pays for using an asset, such as a multifunction photocopier system, over a specified period. Leasing offers many advantages over purchasing the item outright, including lower upfront costs, greater flexibility and more attractive terms. With leasing, businesses can acquire equipment without additional debt or tying up capital. Leasing also allows businesses to upgrade equipment as needed rather than getting stuck with outdated technology. Leasing a multifunction photocopier system can help bring your business into the modern age of productivity and efficiency.

AR Digital offers leasing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our terms are flexible, and our rates are competitive. Over the last 20 years we have built up the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible leasing solution. 

Customer Benefits

Be aware of harsh market conditions or unpredictable overdraft fees at traditional banks. A leasing facility offers the security and stability you need for effective budgeting. Plus, leasing allows for a 100% deduction against pre-tax profits; therefore, your total purchase cost, including capital and interest, can be offset during the lease term. Also, leasing is a cost-effective option with lower payments than expected. Let us show you how a leased facility can benefit your business with its reliable, approachable costs and fixed interest rates.

Will I need a credit check for the Leasing option?

Leasing your multifunction photocopier system is a great way to get your business the necessary technology without taking on additional debt or tying up capital. Lease payments can be spread over an agreed time and often include maintenance and service costs, making it a more budget-friendly option than purchasing the system outright.

Leasing providers, may require a credit check to ensure the customer can make complete and timely payments. Leases are usually structured with an up-front deposit and monthly payments until the lease ends. We understand that credit checks can be inconvenient, so we strive to make our process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Our Leasing Partners

Our finance partners, CF Corporate and Grenke, are industry experts with an impressive track record for providing the most effective leasing solutions. Our trusted leasing partners have the perfect solution for every business need. Their commitment to delivering high-quality service means you can be confident in finding a plan that works best for your organisation.

Why Use Us

  • We strive to provide outstanding service. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial transaction with superior aftercare.
  • Our products are designed with cutting-edge technology and the latest developments in mind, so you know you’re getting an exceptional performance built to last.
  • With a rapid response time of 2.4 hours on average from ticket creation to completing an on-site visit, this speedy timeline helps us remain ahead of the curve regarding repair services and client expectations.
  • Our devices are equipped to deliver exceptionally fast speeds and contain the capacity to handle large loads daily.
  • Lease with confidence, knowing our flexible contracts are tailored to your unique needs, providing the perfect solution.

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Who is AR Digital?

Here at AR Digital, we provide leading-edge technology, superior service, and unwavering aftercare that will help you equip your workspace with the most advanced equipment, from small printers to large multifunction photocopiers accompanied by print management software and document scanning systems.

At AR Digital, we pride ourselves on meeting our clients face-to-face. Whether you’re based here in Newport, South Wales or across the country, call 01633 891261 to arrange an appointment and let’s meet up to discuss your requirements.

For any enquiries, please do email us at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

What Our Customers Say…

Wyedean Testimonial Graphic

Wyedean School

“A fortuitous call out of the blue from AR Digital led us to view and ultimately purchase the Riso copier. It is now our Resource Centre workhorse. It just keeps churning out the photocopying as required and I honestly don’t know how the office staff would have coped without it. It has speeded everything up…

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Welsh Gymnastics Testimonial Graphic

Welsh Gymnastics

“The new photocopier is not only networked to all computers in the office but faster and more economic than our previous model and is now monitored remotely. In the past, if something ran out unexpectedly, such as a toner, we would have to wait for it to be delivered and would literally be on stop…

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Ford Testimonial Graphic

Bridgend Ford

AR Digital were able to supply a one-stop shop for all their printing solutions at Bridgend Ford

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Rougemont School Testimonial Graphic

Rougemont School

Rougemont School in Newport is an independent private school located in Newport, South Wales. A customer of AR Digital’s for many years, AR Digital have been supporting Rougemont School with their huge growth and changing requirements within the educational sector.

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Blackfords LLP Testimonial Graphic

Blackfords LLP

AR Digital were able to supply their printing solutions at Blackfords.

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Kidney Wales Testimonial Graphic

Kidney Wales

One of AR Digital’s longest-running clients, Kidney Wales is a Cardiff-based charity that has been running for over 50 years. Kidney Wales raises funds to support families and change the lives of those suffering with Kidney disease. Its objective is to promote strategies and services to prevent and treat kidney disease, and to help deliver…

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Axiom Testimonial Graphic


”Not only does out IT department now have total control over the costs and maintenance of our print services, but with AR Digital’s print management software installed on our network, there is a clear audit trail for us to follow.“

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