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Electronic Document Management

8 Benefits of Electronic Document Management

What is Electronic Document Management?

Electronic document management is software which acts as a digital filing cabinet. It provides a way for your business to be able to store various kinds of documents in one central, electronic filing structure.

We work with partner brand File Stream, a leading provider of secure Electronic Document Management systems.

What are the benefits?

  1. Disaster Recovery

By going electronic, you remove the risks associated with keeping your records on paper as this solution safeguards documents from fire, flood, theft, loss and also protecting personal information held by your organisation.

Effective disaster recovery is in place. In the event of an office emergency, using document management software means all of your records can be retrieved through a ‘restore from backup’ option.

  1. Streamline your work processes

Managing your documents online may increase the efficiency of workflows in your office by streamlining processes. Instead of slow, bulk paper filing, your documents can be easily scanned into the software for easy-to-find searchability later.

  1. Powerful filing flexibility

Each document can be filed under multiple index fields, such as Name, Document Number, Unique Reference Number and Date plus many more, to make it easy for you and your employees to retrieve your documents later. This is not possible with paper documents and files unless copies are made.

In addition, integrating other electronic files as well as paper documents enables you to achieve one consistent and logical filing structure for all of your documents.

  1. Secure software and adherence to GDPR compliance

Our software is secure and includes encryption.

  1. Saving on expensive storage space

With electronic document management software, you can save on expensive office storage space. Freeing up expensive floor space can result in large cost savings as space becomes available. You’ll be able to use this extra space for more office desks or new equipment, without having to search for a larger premises!

  1. Restricted access

We can set permission-based rules that allow only authorised users to view files and automatic notifications for when confidential documents should be destroyed.

  1. Information is readily available

A big problem with paper storage is that information is not readily available and files often become lost or mislaid. By incorporating an electronic document management system into your office, you eliminate the danger of misplacing documents. Importantly, documents are easy to source, with all information able to be viewed on screen without having to leave your desk.

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