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The Great BT Switch-Off

The BT Switch Off is an initiative to switch off old copper infrastructure and replace it with fibre. It’s expected to improve broadband speeds and reliability for businesses in the UK. It could also have a positive effect on small business, as faster internet speeds will enable them to be more competitive and efficient. 

However, the switchover has caused some disruption for small businesses. Many small businesses don’t have access to fibre, so they’re relying on alternative broadband technologies such as 4G and satellite, which can be slower and more expensive. This could make it difficult for small businesses to keep up with their competitors. This is why businesses need to be speaking to specialists to get the correct information.

Additionally, the switchover could cause disruption for businesses still using the copper network. If the copper infrastructure is switched off, businesses may need to upgrade their hardware to fibre. Many businesses will assume that this will be expensive and a difficult – it’s not the case with the right business telecoms advice and support.

Businesses may find that their current contracts and services are no longer compatible with the new fibre infrastructure, or that their current providers no longer offer services in their area. This could cause significant losses for small businesses who may not realise the implications of the switchover until it’s too late. 

So, the BT Switch Off could have a positive effect on small businesses by providing them with faster, more reliable broadband. However, it could also cause disruption and have long-term implications if businesses don’t prepare properly.

If you are concerned about these changes , please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will be more than happy to take a look at your current system, and let you know whether you need to take action.

It’s important for small businesses to consider the implications of the switchover before making any decisions. If have questions – put your hand up and ask!!