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Derbyshire Police Document Scanner

New Legacy for Derby Police

Introduction of Fujitsu High Speed Document Scanners

Building a legacy with your business is important. Creating something that lasts, that’s enduring is the dream of most business owners. However legacy machines and equipment are a different matter.

Legacy machines can have a serious negative impact on a business – impacting both productivity and bottom-line costs. Those old machines may have been very reliable in the past – however do not let nostalgia get in the way of improving business functions and services. 

Many legacy machines have reached the end of their serviceable life – maintaining them can cost more than replacing the whole unit. In many cases older machines are no longer secure as support software is out of date, if support is even possible with the passing of time. The biggest impact of old legacy machines can be the direct impact on the business if they suddenly stop working – access to parts alone can lead to lengthy down times. If they are a vital cog in the business this means the business can’t operate – clients are affected, and services can grind to a halt.

This was the case recently when we started working with Derby Police. The old scanner had been in place for ten years, providing a valuable link in the legal process. Documents needed to be scanned and uploaded into to the courts system – a vital piece in the legal system jigsaw.

Change is always a concern when the current machine has such an important role. Working with the team at Derby Police was got to understand their concerns and how important getting the right equipment and support was. Alongside our recommendation for a new model, we also provided an in-depth hands-on demonstration. The benefits were clear straight away and thanks to the nature of the demonstration the new document scanner was not only easy to use it was quick to get up and running. The result was that a more productive, quicker machine replaced the legacy unit with no down time and no negative impact on the department.

“It is apparent to me that the new scanner is more accurate when scanning, more efficient on image quality and so much faster, it scans 140 letters a minute to the previous 50 letters a minute, so saves a lot of time as well.”

Crest Process Supervisor, Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team

The right consultation followed by a knowledgeable recommendation supported by a hands-on demonstration. That’s all it took.

The department is more efficient, more secure, more productive.