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Copier Donation for Sparkle

Over the last 20 years of being in Business, AR Digital has always put customer service first, and always worked with businesses to find the best solution for them – the solution that fits their needs. We have grown to understand that what may seem like a small problem, can have a larger more dramatic effect on a business.  

To some businesses a multi-function photocopier not working is a small problem, not even a bump in the road. 

However, when Sparkle (South Wales) called us to say their photocopier had stopped working, we knew the impact this had on them. Sparkle supports children and young people with disabilities and/or developmental difficulties, and their families. The charity offers specialist leisure activities, tailored to meet the needs of children with complex disabilities, and holistic support for their families. They work to reduce isolation for these children and their families, helping them gain confidence, independence and social skills. 

A multi-function photocopier is a vital tool for producing a variety of activity books, brochures, posters to name but a few. With the festive season approaching, and several Christmas Parties to organize, having no multi-function photocopier just added to stress levels. 

The current financial climate has already placed huge pressure on charities. Sparkle needs to raise over £700,000 to fund vital services, and the expense of a new multi-function photocopier was not budgeted for. 

AR Digital understood the importance of the equipment to the Charity. We also know that waiting for Father Christmas to climb down the chimney with a Printer strapped to his back was simply not practical.

Rick Porazinski, Managing Director of AR Digital, not only found the right machine but also decided to donate it to the Charity “our team are proud to support Sparkle in the great work they do, for the children, the young people, their families and our community.”  

Carla Hopkins, Sparkle Business Support Manager said “Sparkle was absolutely delighted to be donated a multi-function photocopier by AR Digital … we are a small charity, and the large expense of a new machine would have been nearly impossible during the current financial climate. We are very grateful for coming to our rescue with this donation. This piece of equipment is essential to our administrative tasks as well as all our various activities for the children and their families.” 

Sparkle and AR Digital have worked alongside each other for over 10 years, and look forward to the next 10 and beyond.